Lead Types

Life Insurance

Licensed Life insurance agents will enjoy the ability to have warm leads. Our life leads will provide you a list of clients that are looking to cover themselves or their loved ones in the event of a death. We all need Life Insurance. Make it your goal to help as many families you can. With several levels to choose from, Legit Pro Leads can fit your budget.

Final Expense

Licensed Life Insurance agents are given leads to help Seniors with their final expenses. Legit Pro Leads provides you leads from Seniors who are concerned about covering their final expenses. When you invest in our calling lists, you can help more seniors then you ever thought possible. Legit Pro Leads has several types of leads we are sure will fit your budget. 

Mortgage Protection

Licensed Life Insurance agents are given data leads of homeowners who just purchased or refinanced their home. These data leads are perfect opportunities to help new and existing homebuyers protect their mortgage. Make sure those families are left with a roof over their heads. 

Auto Insurance

Property and Casualty Licensed agents are given leads for consumers looking for better rates on their auto insurance. Typical leads are from those who are not happy with their current service, feel that they are paying too high of a price or just bought a new vehicle. As a Licensed agent you know that typically you get an opportunity to sell multiple lines of coverage. Legit Pro Leads can help you increase your book of business. We provide you with several options to fit your budget. 


Health Licensed Agents will enjoy our Medicare Leads. We provide leads from seniors that would like to know their options. Agents selling Medicare Supplements really care about seniors. You can reach more seniors than ever before by using Legit Pro Leads.

Homeowners Insurance

Property and Casualty licensed agents will enjoy our leads from Homeowners. These leads are from consumers who are new homeowners, looking for a better rate, not happy with their current service, are under insured or just needs someone that understands their needs. Enjoy Legit Pro Leads by having a warm calling list.

Health Insurance

Licensed Health Insurance Agents can enjoy leads from Legit Pro Leads. There are so many consumers that are uneducated and uninsured. Buy Legit Pro Leads and help many consumers find a way to get Health Insurance.