Frequently Asked Questions

Lead Generation FAQ

Once you place your order you will receive them by email in Excel or .csv format. We first target your county, then if your order requires more leads we use your full state. We typically can fill your request by county. 

You should start seeing leads being emailed to you within 24 to 72 hours. If ordering after noon on Friday or the weekend, your wait time starts on Monday. On more exclusive leads, these are consumer generated and may take upwards of a week or more depending on location and lead availability.

Yes, We sell in bulk to save you money.  When ordering you will see the minimum quantity options. 

To have lower prices than most other lead sources, we do not give refunds or replacements on aged bulk leads. We do replace leads on the platinum lead purchases only. If the lead is over 50 miles from the targeted area along with having a bad phone number and address, it will be replaced. This can be done within 10 days of receiving the platinum lead. If we aren’t able to fulfill your full order by using your requested county or state, we will reach out to you and let you know what areas are available. A refund will be given if we are not able to meet your needs.

You can purchase as many leads as you would like. The sky is the limit!

At Legit Pro Leads we understand how leads are the best way for you to grow your book of business. It’s the life blood of your industry. We, the owners, have been buying leads for many years. We want to give you good value and service at lower rates. We sell in bulk which gives you extra savings. We are happy to help and hope you make us your main lead source.

With questions, feel free to send us an email at You can also send us a message or book an appointment to chat on the Contact page. Lastly feel free to call us at (800)790-4153.

You will receive: Name, Address, Phone Number & Email. Depending on the order you also could receive DOB, Home Value, Amount Requested, etc.

Through our 30+ years of experience, a person wants to have a minimum of 100+ leads on each contact day. For example: If you have three contact days throughout the week, then you should be contacting 300+ leads.

This is really up to you. What is important is that you block your time for calls and stick to it. Mornings and evenings are usually your best option, though we have seen great success from agents contacting potential clients during their lunch hours.

If you stick to your schedule you will always have a funnel of appointments. Work the system and you will reap the rewards.

Our leads were generated from consumer website searches, facebook ads, email campaigns, mobile ads and mailers. 

Your orders are filled by using your first choice. We got to your second, third, and fourth choice in the event more leads are needed. We will call you in the event we need to pull from statewide leads to complete your order. Your leads will be emailed to you within 24 to 48 hours. Some may take longer depending on your area. 

Platinum leads are exclusive custom orders. It is up to the consumer to respond to the ads. We can typically fill your order within a couple of days to a week. It may take longer depending on the population of that area. 

Gold, Silver, and Bronze refunds are given if we are not able to give you any statewide leads. Platinum leads will be replaced if not within 50 miles of requested area. Due to the custom order, Platinum leads are replaceable but not refundable. 

Licensed Insurance Agents List FAQ

Lists are updated each year and can be purchased for a discount if you are updating your current list from the prior year.

National and State registries such as State Insurance Departments, NIPR, Sircon, etc.

Contacts include a combination of the following: Full Name, Address, Home/Cell or Business Phone, Personal or Business Email address, Gender, Carriers they are contracted with, # Years licensed and # of States licensed in. List info is all dependent on what’s available on a per agent basis.

Yes you can. They are updated on a yearly basis.

They will send to you in a csv/excel file.