Agency Wingman System

Are you as frustrated as most agents out there trying to make their business run smoother? Have you had the realization that you’ve spent money on leads but haven’t had any follow through or organization? Are you maximizing each and every contact with your current clients? If not you are throwing your hard earned money away! The top insurance agents purchase 100 or more leads per week along with fielding client calls and claims. For most, that is way too overwhelming. How do they do it? The simple answer is, they are organized. Successful producers have a system. Successful agents use the The Agency Wingman System to take their businesses to the next level. What is the Agent Wingman System and how can it help you? Some of the key features you will find:

  • FFL Platform-already setup with all the steps to become a new agent with training, recruiting tools, carrier portals, FFL web links, lead vendors, FFL facebook, quoting tools, cheat sheets & much more
  • Power dialer-call and texting capabilities with custom and pre-built campaigns (call and text tracking built in)
  • CRM & Pipeline Management for leads & clients
  • Contacts-Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Website, Text, Email, Phone, etc all in one place
    Mobile App platform ready for your business on the go
  • 24 month follow up campaigns for leads
  • 60 month follow up campaigns for clients
  • Drag & Drop Website Builder-hosting multiple lading pages or sites within the platform
  • Funnel Builder-find ways to stay in contact with clients and leads
  • Reputation Builder- Google my business, increased reviews and business presence
  • Agent Recruiter system for the agency or team builder
  • Linked built-in calendar to keep day to day appointments in one spot


This gives you a small glimpse of what could be in store for you as an FFL agent or agency. Why not work smarter and not harder? It’s time to make things automated. It’s time to let Agency Wingman have your back!